A downloadable game for Windows

An old school platformer made for GBJAM 5!

------------- INSTRUCTIONS --------------
Use arrow keys to move and SPACE to jump.
Further controls will be explained during the game when needed.
Gamepad is also supported! Please refer to the README.txt file for further details.

---------------- CREDITS ----------------
Made for GBJAM 5: https://itch.io/jam/gbjam-5

Programming, Game Design, Level Design: Federico Aliprandi (http://fedeali.eu/)
Music, Sound Effects, Story: René Giavazzi (https://thirdeye-project.jimdo.com/)
Graphics: Elisa Ragazzini (https://www.behance.net/lisiri)

Copyright (C) 2016 Federico Aliprandi, René Giavazzi, Elisa Ragazzini

----------- DEVELOPMENT NOTES -----------
This game has been made for GBJAM 5, a cool game jam in which the goal was to make a Game Boy themed game.
Since we wanted to craft an experience as close as possible to play a game
on the Game Boy, we had submitted to as many technical specifications of that
handheld console as possible.
For example, the game uses the original GB resolution of 160px by 144px and all
tiles in the game are exactly 8px by 8px, just like in the original hardware.
The palette is made of 4 colors, and each sprite has no more than 3 colors
(plus transparency).
Furthermore, music and sound effects have been realized with a software running on a Game Boy emulator, so audio is authentic to the original hardware!
Pahlawan is a love letter to Game Boy's platformers, such as Super Mario Land,
and has been developed using GameMaker: Studio 1.4.

----------------- STORY -----------------
In a dark rainy morning, Pahlawan wakes up.
The Day has arrived, the battle to save the ancient city of Kota from the Dark
Lord of Neraka's domain is about to begin, but suddently something goes wrong
for our hero.
Pahlawan: "Hey! What's happening to me? I can't double jump anymore, and not
even run fast! And why the energy can't flow out of my hands anymore?"
Dark Lord of Neraka: "I have transferred the essence of each of your powers into
Totems, hidden inside the Damned Jungle. Without your powers you can't stop me
from taking Kota over!"
Pahlawan: "I must get my powers back and stop the Dark Lord of Neraka!"

--------------- CHANGELOG ---------------
version 1.1:
- Bug fixes.
- Simplified a bit a particularly hard part of the second level.
- Added gamepad support.
- Added ability to change the game's window scale by pressing the F4 key
  (previously the scale couldn't be changed and it was only 2x the resolution).

version 1.0:
- GBJAM 5 entry.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and launch the game by double clicking on the executable file.


Pahlawan_v1.1.zip 15 MB

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