A downloadable game for Windows

An old school platformer made for GBJAM5!

Use arrow keys to move and SPACE to jump.

Programming, Game Design, Level Design: Federico Aliprandi
Music, Sound Effects: René Giavazzi
Graphics: Elisa Ragazzini (Portfolio link on Behance)

In a dark rainy morning, Pahlawan wakes up.
The Day has arrived, the battle to save the ancient city of Kota from the Dark Lord of Neraka's domain is about to begin, but suddently something goes wrong for our hero.
Pahlawan: "Hey! What's happening to me? I can't double jump anymore, and not even run fast! And why the energy can't flow out of my hands anymore?
Dark Lord of Neraka: "I have transfered the essence of each of your powers into Totems, hidden inside the Damned Jungle. Without your powers you can't stop me from taking Kota over!"
Pahlawan: "I must get my powers back and stop the Dark Lord of Neraka!"

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Published 348 days ago

Install instructions

Unzip the file and launch the game by double clicking on the executable file.


Pahlawan-GBJAM5.zip (15 MB)

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